How to Download Facetime for iPad

One of the best function for which many of people buy iPad is its best quality video call through its application Facetime. Using Facetime you can also does chat while making video call. This is a preinstalled app in your iPad, ready for use.

You can call any person from our contact that supports Facetime in its device. This post gives you complete guide about how to use Facetime in your iPad. As, it is very user-friendly application which is very simple to use, even after that check out the complete procedure here.

So, read this post carefully which gives you complete information about using Facetime for iPad. Go through this whole post and follow the steps mention to complete the process and use Facetime in your iPad.

How to use Facetime on your iPad: Step by Step process

Follow the below mentioned steps to use Facetime in your iPad. Go through each step and complete the procedure and enjoy best quality video call.

  • First, tap on the Facetime icon on your Home screen of iPad. If you are a first time user then you have to enter your mobile number or email address and click on “Next”.
  • Now, the contact list you see who use Facetime. Scroll and locate the contact and tap on it to display the contact information.
  • Now, tap on the mobile number or email address which is Facetime capable.
  • Now, when person accept the call, you can see his or her on the full screen and your image in small draggable box.
  • Enjoy, your first Facetime Video call.


Here this article provides you the complete information about the process for using Facetime for iPad. Follow the instructions provided in the step by step format and complete the process to enjoy best quality video calls.

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